Hi, my name is Christopher. I go by Chris too!

Let me share with you my journey to becoming a UX/UI Designer.

My fascination with design began during my time working in the Public Relations and Communications industry where I helped my client, Design Singapore Council organise Singapore Design Week 2018 and President’s Design Award 2018.

It was my interactions with the various designers and architects that sparked my interest in how through the medium of design, we can share our ideas and bring value and meaning to users.

With a degree in Psychology, along with my research experience – having worked in a research team at the National Institute of Education (NIE) and published a paper on corporate branding, I took a leap of faith and enrolled for the UX Design Immersive course at General Assembly. I have not looked back since.

Every now and then, I can be found reading a book or two, especially illustrated children’s books, for I value a simple yet meaningful story, that helps to open up new perspectives about life for me.

Today, I am a newly minted UX Designer and I look forward to bringing the skills and experiences that I have learned, honed and gained through my journey thus far, to add value to your organisation, brand and team.

I would love the opportunity to get to know you and to chat further!